7th Youth Chess Composing Challenge

The 7th Youth Chess Composing Challenge (YCCC) is the first composing tournament in the frames of the Batumi WCCC 2023.

The same as the previous editions, the 7th YCCC will be open to the U23 generation (born no earlier than 01.01.2000), and to all different genres of chess composition.

All young chess composers, and those who would like to try their hands in this kind of chess art for the first time, are invited to take part in three different sections (two of them with the set thematic conditions)!

The deadline for submission of the entries is July 15.

The results are planned to be announced on September 8 2023, during the Closing ceremony of the Batumi WCCC.

See also YCCC project on WFCC official website

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